Designed for Hospitality, Healthcare and Residential Markets, QuickDrain is a sophisticated curbed or curbless total shower solution that reimagines how a linear drain should perform and be installed. The QuickDrain system can adapt to almost any existing plumbing condition, slashes construction time, saves on cost and minimizes impact on customers.

A contemporary look that has no contemporaries.

With a variety of styles and options to choose from, QuickDrain can turn an average bathroom into a welcome break from the everyday. All in just a few hours.

Curbless Showers

When QuickDrain is installed with a curbless entrance, it creates an easy, seamless transition from dry to wet areas in the bathroom.

Barrier Free Bathroom
Curbed Shower

Curbed Showers

Shower curbs serve as the barrier between the shower pan and the rest of the bathroom floor. QuickDrain can offer an attractive solution in these scenerios.


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ShowerLine, ProLine & WallDrain (French)

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