Supply Chain Information

Oatey Company, its affiliates, divisions, and subsidiaries are proud to conduct business in a manner that is both environmentally and socially responsible. This commitment to honesty, integrity, and humanity has existed for nearly 100 years and will continue as we expand our business activities and work with suppliers domestically and globally to meet customers' needs.

Human trafficking and slavery are intolerable practices that clearly go against everything we believe in. When choosing new suppliers and evaluating existing ones, we look for companies that share our values. Because of this, we require that our suppliers certify in writing that they understand our Supplier Code of Conduct, which prohibits the use of child, forced, or compelled labor. Periodically, our employees conduct announced audits of our suppliers to ensure that they conform to our expectations.

Although we do not currently have in place formal internal standards or procedures regarding slavery and trafficking, other than the Supplier Code of Conduct, we expect that our employees and contractors will uphold all of our values and we consider it to be a serious issue to be handled on a case-by-case basis when these expectations are not met.

To that end, we have provided training to employees with direct responsibility for our supply chain in order to increase their awareness of these issues.