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Are you a Plumber that has invented a new product (or tool) that solves a problem at the jobsite? Are you an inventor that has created a new plumbing product that will improve people's lives? If the answer is yes, Oatey would like to hear from you. Oatey encourages and welcomes unsolicited ideas. We love the opportunity to review new inventions and patents from our customers and inventor community to see if we can collaborate together and bring a great new innovation to market. Please use the form below to submit your idea to Oatey.

How it works:

Step 1:

Submit Your Solutions:

Simply complete our Idea Submission Form, Agree to Terms/Conditions and click Submit. You will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation that Oatey has received your idea submission.

Timeline: Minutes

Step 2:

Initial Evaluation:

Once your idea is received, it is forwarded to our Idea Review Council. The council reviews your idea to see if it is a fit with our strategy, product lines and other metrics. If there is a fit, your idea will move onto step 3.

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks

Step 3:

Business Team Review:

After passing the initial review with our Idea Review Council, your idea will move into the business teams for a more in-depth evaluation. At this time, Oatey may enter into a nondisclosure agreement with you to enable sharing of confidential information between both parties. The team will perform an intensive evaluation of the opportunity and develop a business plan to determine if the idea could be launched as a marketable product solution.

Timeline: 4-6 Months

Step 4:

Agreements and Commercialization:

We would seek to form the proper business agreement with you. These agreements can take many different forms including development agreements, licensing deals, etc. With the proper agreements in place, the team would work towards commercialization and distribution of the product.

Timeline: 6+ Months