Evan Berns

Evan is a fourth year plumbing apprentice running his own van for a small local company in Califonia. He has a knack for helping people and finding the best solution to their plumbing problems. He relies on Oatey products daily to get home on time!

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Colin Luttrell

Colin Luttrell has been in the plumbing industry for about 10 years. He is the owner and sole operator at ColinThePlumberLLC. He is only in his first year of business and is loving it so far. His wife is the brains behind the operation while Colin is out in the field. When not on a service call, he’s at home spending time with his kids, Addison 8 and Henry 1. He’s extremely passionate about plumbing and trying to grow his platform to teach the youth and meet new faces.

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Nick Parlet

Nick Parlet lives in Rochester, New York and has been a plumber with Union Local 13 for over 15 years. He found a new passion for sharing his work through social media and creating relationships with others in the trade. When Nick is not plumbing, he spends time with his wife and two kids, usually skateboarding, riding bikes, and playing soccer. 

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Jeff Keller

Jeff lives in the small town of Jefferson, TX where he has been all his life. He was introduced to plumbing and septic work at an early age by going to jobs with his father. Jeff started working for his father’s company in high school and went to work full time right after graduation. He earned his master plumbers license in 2020 and runs the company now that his father has retired from the field. He is starting his 17th year in the trades and hopes to own the family business someday soon. 

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Nick Merritt

Nicholas Merritt is from Toronto, Ontario, but currently resides in Ste. Geneviève, Manitoba. He has been in the plumbing trade as a residential plumber for 9 years, and has a passion for sharing creative solutions to plumbing needs. He is dedicated to providing service for those in need. If he had to do a career choice all over again, he would choose to be a plumber. 

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Justin Noftle

Justin resides in Toronto, Ontario. He started his career as a commercial gas fitter but then later transitioned to pursue his passion for plumbing. Today Justin is the owner and operator of Trapworks Plumbing specializing in new construction, custom homes, & renovations. He has been using Oatey products since the start of his career and stands by them for their quality and craftsmanship. Justin enjoys helping others and teaching them the knowledge that he has obtained throughout the years.

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Shay Lorette

Shay resides in Newport Beach, CA. He worked in plumbing supplies for 8 years before entering his plumbing apprenticeship with Roger Wakefield “The Expert Plumber”. He is a licensed service plumber with experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial. Shay loves the trade and hopes to encourage prospects and apprentices. 

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Alex Gouin

Alex Gouin resides in Windsor, Ontario Canada. He has been performing residential service and repair since 2015 and generally specializes in older homes. He has been using Oatey products in his line of work since day one and depends on them to keep his workmanship clean and call back free.

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Danielle Browne

Danielle Browne (Twig to most people) is from St. John's Newfoundland, Canada and has been in the plumbing trade for 17 years now. Her main focus is on maintenance and service mechanical plumbing and heating, but she often gets to work in residential service and new builds. She loves all aspects of plumbing from the traditional to the new age technology.

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Thomas Young

Thomas young resides in Modesto, California. He has been in the trades for over 15 years and has experience in just about every trade out there. His career started in plumbing where he developed his core skills that he uses daily. Thomas was a plumber until diagnosed with cancer and was sidelined from working until he made a full recovery. After beating cancer, he decided to follow his passion of remodeling which is what he currently does now with his business, T.Y. Custom. 

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Robert Broccolo

Robert Broccolo resides in North Stonington, Connecticut and is the owner of Professional Drain Services of Southern New England. He works every day to build the company to continue to grow and serve customers. When he’s not working or with family, he is on social media networking to help make the trades community and industry stronger.  

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Germaine Nelson

Germaine Nelson resides in Silver Spring, Maryland and has been working in the trade full-time for 21 years. Throughout this time, he has done commercial, residential and new construction plumbing. Now, he is the owner of Capital Mechanical. He is happily married with two young children; ages 8 and 5 and in his spare time he enjoys sporting events and traveling.  

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Ambassador Hall of Fame

Our Ambassador Alumni represent previous cohorts of Oatey Ambassadors – and they're still in the field doing awesome work and representing Oatey every day.

Chris Sbrocco

Chris Sbrocco is a Master Plumbing Contractor who lives in Wickliffe, Ohio. He is also the owner and founder of the following companies: Pro Service Plumbing, Claim Professionals and Earthworks Environmental. He is passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation of trades through social media and partnering within the local community.

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Darryl Wong

Darryl Wong lives in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and has been in plumbing for 7 years. He enjoys promoting the trades to the younger generation to help fill the open spots from retired plumbers by showcasing his skills on social media for others to learn and understand the world of trades. 

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Laura Giudice

Laura Giudice is a second-year plumbing apprentice from Mississauga, Ontario. She has been enjoying every moment of her apprenticeship- even running her own service van. She has been using Oatey products since day one!

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Omar Harris

Omar Harris resides in Pembroke Pines, Florida and has been in the plumbing trades for 6 years. He has experience in constructional, residential and drain cleaning. In addition, he has his Fire Inspector license and is a certified HVAC technician. Omar joined the trade initially because he was expecting his second daughter at the time and wanted to do something that was blue collar work, could provide more for his growing family and allow him to be there for his kids when they need him. He loves working with his hands, challenging his mind, and feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of his day.

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Trey Young

Trey resides in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a residential plumber for five years. He strives to set forth dedication and integrity on and off the job site. The opportunity to be creative and display craftsmanship is what makes this a career and not just a job choice for him.

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Bobby Drescher

Bobby Drescher resides in Newnan, GeorgiaPlumbing goes way back in his family starting with his great grandfather in the early 1900s. He is a 4th generation licensed master plumber and has been in the trade since 2005 working alongside his brother and dad. Family is a big part of who he is and it’s also what keeps him grounded. He has a loving wife, and two beautiful boys who he hopes to pass down his skills to when they are old enough. He enjoys what he does every day, but for Bobby, it’s not just about the work he does, but also the people he gets to meet along the way. This is the way. 

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