Easy to Install

Installing the True Blue FLEX Bath Waste is straightforward, even for individuals with limited plumbing experience. The flexible piping can be easily shaped and maneuvered to fit into tight spaces and seamlessly connect to standard drains and tubs.

Use any PVC cement or primer you have available. If your system includes ABS, the flex can still be used, but employ a transition cement when connecting the flex to the ABS fitting.

The True Blue FLEX allows for a tool-free installation process. The kit includes a screwless overflow faceplate, innovative overflow gasket, press-in trim veneer, locking drain gasket, and a quarter-turn test plug. All of these installer-friendly components permit a customized and secure fit that eliminates the risk of leaks and guarantees optimal water flow.

When it comes to bathroom plumbing installation, True Blue FLEX Bath Waste is an essential product for any DIYer or professional. Remember to explore our other blog post highlighting our wide range of bath waste and overflow products to meet all your plumbing requirements.

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