If you’ve ever installed a toilet, you know how important obtaining a proper seal is to the integrity and cleanliness of a bathroom. While there are many taboos plumbers should avoid when setting toilets, none are as frowned upon as double stacking wax toilet rings.

You may be tempted to think that doubling the rings equates to a stronger, more stable connection, but that thinking couldn’t be more mistaken. Going down that path will likely result in costly consequences such as leaks, odors, and repairs.

If you're feeling called out, don't worry, we've got you covered. In this blog, we’ll review how to set a toilet properly, overcome faulty flanges, and why wax-ring stacking is a forever faux pas.

What are the benefits of using a wax toilet ring?

For a proper toilet seal, installing wax rings is the tried-and-true method preferred by many plumbers. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They reduce odor. Beyond being unpleasant, seeping sewage odors are a severe health hazard. When properly installed, wax rings will create an airtight seal that prevents sewer odor from emanating into your home. For additional tips, check out our blog, Easy Ways to Stop Sewer Odors From Invading Your Home.
  • They prevent water from flooding beneath the toilet. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria. While backups and clogs are inevitable, a wax ring prevents the water from leaking at the toilet's base, damaging the subflooring and causing sanitary concerns.
  • They are durable. Wax rings are an incredibly durable product that has an extremely long lifespan. Oatey’s Wax Bowl Rings don’t dry up, harden, or deteriorate over time, so when installed correctly they form a permanent seal.

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