MASTERS® Is Celebrating 75 Years

Starting with a single pipe thread sealant in 1947, the MASTERS® brand has evolved over the last 75 years into one of the most used and recognizable consumable brands in the Canadian plumbing and heating trades. Taking great pride in providing high quality products for trades professionals across the country, MASTERS® products are thoroughly tested and trusted by professionals on the job every day.


Mr. Frank Thompson started the company with MASTERS® Metallic compound, manufacturing in his garage and selling direct to end users out of the trunk of his car in Ontario Canada. Over the next 33 years the company grew the product offering and began to sell through a dealer network across Canada. In the 1980’s the company was purchased by David Dunlap and Mike McKay, with a focus on brand strategy and expansion. 2018 brought further changes as the Oatey Company, based out of Cleveland Ohio, acquired G.F. Thompson to strengthen their position in the Canadian market with the MASTERS® brand. Today, the brand continues to be positioned as the professional choice throughout Canada for consumables in the plumbing industry.


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