Oatey® H-20®5 Paste Flux

038753483627_H_001.jpg - Oatey® 16 oz. H-205 Water Soluble Flux
Oatey® H-20®5 Paste Flux

Oatey® 16 oz. H-205 Water Soluble Flux

Oatey® H-20®5 Paste Flux is a water flushable soldering paste flux designed to clean and flux most commonly soldered metals. 100% lead free. Safe for use on potable water applications. Can be used on copper piping without discoloration. Excellent for large diameter - copper pipe applications. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years. Made in the USA.

UPC: 038753483627
Part #: 48362

Available in 2 variations

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Key Features
Key Features
  • Water flushable
  • Can be used on copper piping without discoloration
  • Good for large diameter copper piping
  • 100 percent lead-free paste cleans, fluxes and copper piping to provide uniform solder flow
  • Meets ASTM standard B-813
  • NSF standard 14 (Performance) and standard 61 (Health Effects) certified
  • Safe for use in potable water applications
  • Effective on most metals, excluding aluminum and stainless steel
  • Compatible with common plumbing solder alloys
  • For warranty product details, refer to the Oatey Limited Warranty document
Size: 473ml
Brand: Oatey
California VOC Compliant: Yes
Product Type: Water Soluble
Lead: No
Color: Yellow
Available in 2 Variations
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